From consultant through to partner, a career at Corporate Value Associates is driven entirely by your potential.

We have a dynamic, pan-European team spanning many different nationalities and academic backgrounds, from science and engineering, to languages, to humanities.

There is no typical CVA profile, but everyone in the firm shares common characteristics: intellectual rigour, dedication, problem solving and communication skills, leadership ability, and a drive to succeed.


CVA London is currently hiring for the following roles:


“I joined CVA as an Intern, and am now a Consultant. At CVA, the approach to learning is very much “hands-on”, which means that I have been staffed on projects from my first day. As is typical in consulting, these projects have been very varied in terms of the industry, length of project and size of the client team, but always for high profile clients, and in very supportive case teams, as all colleagues at CVA are extremely friendly and approachable, regardless of seniority. During a project I usually take responsibility for a discrete module of work, which on a daily basis involves research, data analysis and/or modelling. One of the most positive aspects of working at CVA is that all consultants are given high levels of responsibility and are encouraged to work closely with client staff from the beginning of their career at CVA.”
Consultant, CVA London
“Working at CVA has all the advantages of working within a smaller firm: every Consultant counts, and this is apparent from day one when you are expected to contribute to CVA as a valued member of a case team. As a Senior Consultant, my role can vary from project to project. I often find myself responsible for a junior member of the case team to whom I can delegate sections of the analysis, allowing me to focus on the overall picture. At other times, I will work solely with the support of a project manager. In either case, most of my time is spent working at the client site.”
Senior Consultant, CVA London
“Since joining CVA I have worked on a range of projects covering strategic planning, change management, customer segmentation, offer design, pricing and M&A across a range of industries. I enjoy the mixture of analysis and interacting with people that consulting brings. There is the intellectual challenge of framing and solving problems, but it’s no use just being good at abstract problem solving; you need to be able to talk to people at the client to find and gather data and once you have done the analysis, turn it into something that is useful to the client and present it to them. CVA has been a great place to learn these skills, you will be stretched but the atmosphere is very supportive and there is always someone to help when you need it.”
Associate, CVA London
“I joined CVA a while ago and can therefore by now probably be regarded as one of the old guys. Over the years I have worked on many different projects mainly in the financial industry, utilities, automotive and public sector. The shortest assignment lasted only 4 days while the longest kept us busy for about 1.5 years. The smallest team consisted of only me; the largest was about 10 people strong. In short, there’s a lot of variety in this work which means you never get bored. In many of my colleagues I can honestly say I’ve found great friends, and the general working culture and relaxed atmosphere of our relatively small office is something unique. Life outside work is very important to me, that’s why the work-life balance my job at CVA allows me to maintain is one of the key reason why I would never consider working for a different consultancy.”
Case Manager, CVA London
“I spent close to two years at the CVA London office. They have an amazing team with very smart people always pushing it to the next level and knowing how to have fun. I worked on top-level strategy projects in various industries with major players. Small project teams give you responsibility and autonomy very early in your career. Definitely one of my favourite work experiences, although the hours can get rather intense.”
Alumnus, CVA London