Disruptive change in motor insurance


The auto industry is facing enormous upheaval: new mobility models are already a reality, and huge amounts of resources are being invested both by OEMs and technology firms in autonomous drive vehicles. While insurers clearly see the opportunity from telematics-driven black box insurance, few seem to have looked much beyond this at the wider [...]

You’ve developed the vision: now what?

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Developing a vision is critical to steering a business through the medium to long term, providing a tool to ensure that every major decision that is made helps move towards the end goal. But then you have to deliver. How? Once the thought process around vision is complete to senior management’s satisfaction, all that [...]

Teething problems for Tesla’s AutoPilot

The UK press reports today (21/10/15) some teething problems with the recent software update that added AutoPilot as a beta release to the Tesla Model S. Swerving towards the side of the road or across lanes into the path of oncoming traffic, as well as being pulled over for autonomous speeding, are amongst the ‘hair-raising’ [...]

How connected mobility can learn from card payments

Data-driven mobility services are the next big thing in the automotive sector. Businesses that successfully ‘productize’ data-driven mobility services will emerge as the winners in this space – in terms of occupying the part of the value chain that will continue to command high margins, and most likely will gain control over the customer relationship. [...]