Micro-granular fertilizers: route to market

A proposition to capture the micro-granular opportunity and enhance value for fertilizer products

In a context of oversupply, the fertilizer market is more than ever driven by customer needs, in order to mitigate the impact of aggressive competition pushing commodity fertilizer prices lower for longer.

Mature farmers are increasingly asking for solutions to help them optimise their fertilization: precision agriculture makes consumers more demanding on the quality of inputs, and requires bespoke solutions tailored for precise plant needs and interfacing with technology. In particular, when crop prices are low, farmers become highly sensitive to the expense that fertilization represents, and actively look for ways to optimise the return on the fertilizer investment.

Micro-granular fertilizers represent a solution for both farmers and producers, as they are high value added products that do not cannibalize legacy products, and on which fertilizer producers can have a leading role. Moreover it represents a very-low capex opportunity to capture growth. Micro-granular fertilizers require a finer approach to the market, through in-depth understanding of the demand drivers in each market, and careful selection of the route-to-market. Corporate Value Associates (CVA), a global strategy consultancy with extensive experience in the fertilizers industry, proposes to build a business case and route-to-market for micro-granular fertilizers tailored to your business footprint and strategy. The approach presented in this article (see link below) can be executed by CVA experimented team, capitalizing on our recognized competencies:

  • CVA Fertilizers Practice, with more than 15 years’ continuous experience on N, P & K across key geographies (Brazil, Africa, South-East Asia, Oceania, Europe, …) and 500 projects over soft agriculture commodities;
  • CVA successful track record and methodologies on Innovation and Product Launch;
  • CVA unique network of on-field experts in the fertilizers industry, including technical expert (agronomy, technology, plant nutrition…) that play a differentiating role in on-field information gathering and challenge of the project outputs;

We are convinced that CVA can be key assets for the success of such a project, and would be very pleased to further discuss this opportunity with you.

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Alexandre Benedetti
Alexandre BenedettiCVA London