LEAD® is our end-­to-­end toolkit for defining and implementing strategy.

  • Building the short and long term market insight necessary to underpin strategy
  • Framing your mission, vision and ambition
  • Developing strategy options for current business lines
  • Refocusing the entire business at a portfolio level
  • Turning strategy into a concrete, implementable set of change initiatives
  • Ensuring organisational and financial alignment to the strategy
  • Structuring the implementation roadmap and providing on-­going programme support

Whatever your need, and whatever stage of strategic thinking you are at, CVA can support you on your journey



MOVE® is a philosophy and modular toolkit for delivering top line growth with customer insight at its heart.

  • Our philosophy is that there is no single magic bullet solution to deliver major revenue gains
  • Rather, a business must pull on all available growth levers to achieve a series of incremental gains that together add up to a step change revenue improvement

Our capability and experience spans both design of the most revenue-­positive customer proposition, and fine-tuning its delivery to optimise for revenue



PRIME® is our toolkit for cost and operating efficiency improvement.

  • We take a modular approach based on the premise that different cost categories require precise tools and techniques to attack – any single, notionally all-­‐‑ encompassing cost approach will always leave substantial value on the table
  • PRIME® also includes organisational and management tools to ensure the potential for savings on paper can be successfully achieved in practice

We tailor our approach to particular major cost categories, in order to deliver the best possible results: achieving gains in the region of 20% or more is not unusual